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Disappointing setback

I was told I should write about my recent experience at Heathrow airport in London, so I shall.  Hopefully this will help other people who are wanting to travel to London.

I met my boyfriend online a little less than two years ago, on the Heroes RPG forum, and we've gotten to know each other very well; we talk to each other on Skype almost every single day, leave private messages to each other, and write together as often as we can.  I have saved up as much money as I can, all leading to me quitting my job at Best Buy and selling my car, as I intended to not need a car while in England, and I bought a one way ticket to London.  The flights over went smooth as silk, and I made my way to the U.K. border, but when I stepped up to this male border agent and handed over my passport, things went downhill very quickly.

The agent asked me what my purpose was for visiting, and I said to visit my boyfriend, his next question was "Where did you meet him?"  When I said online, he gave me a look that should've warned me that I would have trouble, then proceeded to ask me more questions, including how much money I had and how long I was planning on staying, before he asked me to step to the side and sit in this roped off area.  I complied, having no idea what was coming, and watched as others were directed to sit in the same area.  After a few minutes, I was the only one left and eventually another agent came back and asked me to come with him, leading me to the airport holding area, where I was told that my answers to questions had not satisfied the agent and I would need to be interviewed further in order to determine whether I'd be allowed into the U.K.  At this point I was nervous and feeling very alone, I had not been able to call or see Keith yet and I was locked into the holding area without my phone or any of my luggage.  I'm not sure how long it took before the agent came to get me to be interviewed, but I believe it was at least two hours, and then I was intensely questioned again.

Eventually I was allowed back into the holding pen, where I then waited for probably about three hours before the agent came back in, handed me a letter, and said I was being denied entry.  When I asked why, he told me I didn't have a return ticket and he didn't think I had enough money to be able to get home "if we had a fight", and that I would be sent back on the next available flight.  Crushed, I asked the ladies who were working in the holding area and they explained to me that they had seen a pattern of younger women meeting guys online and trying to get into the U.K. to visit them, yet they knew nothing about their so called SOs.  In spite of me explaining how well I knew Keith, the damage had been done and I was told there was nothing I could do, then I was informed that since my flight wouldn't be leaving until tomorrow, that I would have to stay the night in a detention center close by.

At this point I was finally allowed to call Keith and did so, and we were both very upset about not getting to see each other!  I spent yet a couple more hours in the holding cell until a lady showed up to drive me to the center, the van felt like a prison van with no way to get out once I was inside, and I was driven to the building, where they attempted to take my fingerprints(even though they'd been taken earlier at the airport), and locked up my bags, including my phone and laptop, before showing me my room.  The ladies I met at the center, the ones that were locked up previously, were really nice and encouraged me as best they could, while the main people in charge were very blunt and ran the place like a female prison, at this point I did break down crying as I couldn't contact my parents to let them know what was happening and I was scared to death!  They did have a computer room and allowed me to use one, which let me finally contact my parents as well as the people who were online at the Heroes RPG site, and then it was "lights out"; enforced staying in our rooms.

After a very restless night, I got up at 4 am and got dressed, went downstairs where they tried to fingerprint me again, and finally was handed back my bags, but then it was back in the van and heading back to the airport, where I was back in the holding room until my escort came to get me.  The very nice security lady stayed with me until I actually got on the plane, then she handed my passport and travel information over to one of the flight attendants, and I was officially on my way home.

Due to advice I got from friends as well as the security people, I was told my main issues were not having a return ticket as well as being lumped into the category of young women trying to visit boyfriends, which raised a concern that I would, if I ended up having to leave Keith's house, have to get assistance from the U.K. in order to get back home.  I understand the concern, but Keith has been over here to the U.S. to visit me, he has promised to take care of any expenses I can't handle, and we eventually want to apply for the partner visa, which would allow me to stay in the U.K.  Also, Keith and I have been researching since I got back and apparently they are not allowing many American women into the U.K., as shown [url=http://talk.uk-yankee.com/index.php?topic=48530.0]here.[/url]

What I am doing now is applying for a visitors visa, which should help make my timeline of visiting Keith more official, but I'm also considering flying into another airport, as maybe there would be less issues flying into Bristol or even Exeter airport.  Also, I may be contacting one of my state senators to inform them of what happened and to see if they have any advice or can possibly overturn the decision, at least make it a little easier for myself the next time I fly out.  If anyone has any other advice or if this has happened to others, please leave a comment and let me know, I feel like the more information I have the better prepared I'll be.

Long time gone

Hey guys, sorry I kind of disappeared there!  Life has been crazy and for a while I really didn't have time to post here, plus I started my own Youtube channel and have been posting vlogs on there.  I'm still at Best Buy, but the awesome news is that I've met a wonderful guy who lives in Exeter, England, and he's coming here to visit! He'll be here for eight days and then probably around the end of March I'll be flying to England and living there, which I'm really excited about!  It's definetly time for a change, I'm no longer just the greeter at Best Buy but one of the actual AP(asset protection) people, however they hired a full time person to do the job right before the holidays.  Once again, they're cutting my hours down(though thankfully not down to just one shift), and I just don't feel appreciated at all, especially since I've worked so hard to help out the company and prevented theft from happening!

So the plan is to focus on my writing, I'm a moderator of a Heroes rpg forum and I love it, in fact that how I met Keith.  I may see if I can get involved with some freelance writing and maybe even get a part time job once I move to England, but I've decided to reboot this blog and see if I can share some of my writing on here.

More changes

I'm taking a quick break from using this for Slenderman sightings to rant a bit about work.  Last year I applied at and got a seasonal job working at Best Buy, and I have given 110% to this company; I've never complained about hours, I've thrown myself into doing the elearnings/training, I've even trained others in how to run the registers and have basically been the one "in charge", almost like the head cashier.  How do they repay me?  First off, one of the store managers tells me that my numbers for selling stuff like Geek Squad protection and Best Buy credit cards are low, so they want to pull me off the registers and have me be the permanent greeter.  I agree to try it out and actually like it pretty well, but I've only gotten to work in that position for one day because they're interviewing people for the daytime cashier position so they still need me to work during the day up front.  All's well and good until I go online to check my hours for next week and find nothing, which causes a mild panic because that was the main reason why I left Barnes & Noble, they had cut my hours down to two four hours shifts per week for the exact same reason(not being able to get people to sign up for member cards).  I call the other store manager, the one who's supposed to do the schedules, and let him know, and he tells me that I was supposed to get hours for being the greeter but he would take care of it.

I go off and do my normal Saturday stuff, including going out skating with some friends, and when I get home I decide to check the schedule and see if anything's been fixed, only to find that I have one shift for this coming Monday, from 2-8.  ONE SHIFT!  Are these managers idiots, I can't support myself with only one eight hour shift?!  Right now I feel betrayed and really angry, angry enough that I'm going to reactivate my unemployment that I started once I left Barnes & Noble and start looking for a new job!  What's funny is that the people who know me and have come through my line at work told me that my customer service skills are excellent, yet I still have to deal with rude, mean people who treat me like shit because I'm trying to do my job, and of course the managers take the customers' side.  I am friendly, cheerful and have been hitting it out of the park lately with getting people to sign up for Geek Squad protection and credit card applications, and I only get one lousy shift?  That is not right and I'm tired of being treated like this!  What does a woman have to do to get appreciated for her hard work?

I have also decided to focus on my writing, especially with getting my stuff published, but I need a job so I can pay my bills and student loans while I write.  I am bound and determined to succeed, and no idiotic retail manager is gonna crush my spirits!  I am going to start looking for another job, it'll probably have to be retail again, but there's got to be a company out there that treats their employees right, and I'm going to find that company!


Well, I'm still alive and remember everything, the charms are back up all over and I've been doing a sweep with my laptop camera every night, there's been no sign of him.  Hopefully the charms work and keep him away, at least until I can figure out a gameplan, I've been watching other videos that people have posted and seen what they try, at least I can honestly say that no masked figures have attempted to contact me or leave me creepy videos on my channel.

In other news, the job at Best Buy is going great, except for the fact that instead of signing up for a paper paycheck or direct deposit, I chose to get a paycard, which is supposed to be loaded with my earnings.  I was so excited and activated the card, but then read through the fine print and it's just super confusing!  I thought that maybe it would be connected to my checking account or I could set it up to be connected to it, but there's no way, and I need to be able to put money in the bank without having to withdraw from an ATM and get hit with service fees(which would happen, according to the paperwork that came with the card).  I finally figured out how to change it to direct deposit on the company website, but I now need to call the HR number and see if I can get my pay from last week transferred to my checking account.  Sigh, I just really don't need more stress, what with dealing with Slenderman and starting a new job, trying to learn all these new ways of doing tasks at work, plus my niece has been over every single day this week except for the weekends.  I love her but she is always trying to test the boundaries of what she can get away with, and I can't get a moment to myself while she's here!  I'm just hoping things calm down soon and I can get all this money stuff figured out!
Ok guys, gotta link you to the latest video I uploaded because you know who's game plan has changed!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01vIbLcACRc&feature=plcp  He's now doing what he did at the beginning of the Marble Hornets videos and hiding in plain sight, I don't know how though, it's freaking me out though!  As I posted in the video description, I can't involve anyone else in this, and I can't tell my family, I mean what can they do?  Now I understand how those people feel who have been stalked by Slenderman, I just feel helpless!  How can he be right there and not be seen, and what really confuses me is how my camera picked it up?  I stayed up that whole night, expecting him to show himself, but nothing happened, and in the morning I forced myself to go into my closet and look around, but I didn't find any evidence that he'd been there.  It's so weird, I can understand why people might go insane or become extremely paranoid, I just wish there was a way to actually detect him!  It's even worse now that I've started my new job, I'm just scared that my memory will be wiped and I'll forget where I work, now thankfully I do have people living in the same house that can remind me, but I'm scared that Slenderman will come after them as well.  What do I do, I need help!  If anyone out there has experienced the same thing or knows a way of getting rid of Slenderman, please leave a comment, I'll try anything, other than presenting new victims like Alex in Marble Hornets.  Yes, I know he's called the Operator there, but it's practically the same type of being, so that's what I'm using!

Exciting times

No Slenderman news today, it's been raining lots lately, which as I've said before I believe he doesn't like.  Still not sure where he goes when it rains, but I haven't seen him in here, so that's good at least.  Anyway, I had two interviews with Best Buy, an electronics store here in town, and they hired me!  I'm probably going to start sometime next week and I'm seriously considering quitting my job at Barnes & Noble, because I just feel like they expect way too much of me!  For example, they're really big on getting people to sign up for the member card, but it costs $25 per year and a lot of people just don't want to spend that much.  Another thing that I really don't like is that there's multiple questions we have to ask every single customer, and they get annoyed, which I completely understand, but at the same time I wish they understood that I HAVE to ask all of the questions or I get in trouble, usually by them cutting my hours.  I just think that working at Best Buy would be better, especially since, according to both the people I interviewed with, they actually train their employees in how to suggest products/services and they reward them by allowing them to get prizes.  At B&N, you get like an item of food and a paper star on a door in the break room, that's it!  I don't usually complain about work, but especially since I'm only making $7.75 an hour now, and Best Buy is going to pay me $9.25 an hour, I just think I'm going to turn in my two weeks notice this next week.

New news

All right guys, it's official!  I have my own Youtube channel, now my findings will be mostly blog based but I figured it would be easier to show you guys what I've seen with the occasional video.  Speaking of, I uploaded one today which documents a possible spot for Slenderman to be hiding or living, not really sure which, but I have seen him standing at this point right outside the woods and inbetween two of the townhomes in the cul de sac where I live.  It's about the only wooded area that is right in the area, so I'm assuming that if he's chosen me to be one of his victims, that he might be staying back there so that he has access to me.  Anyway, just watch the video, I didn't see any sign of him or didn't notice any distortion but you never know.  I'll probably go back there and actually check out the tunnel, there have been sightings of deer back there as well so either way it should be interesting.  Oh, and I have a second interview with Best Buy on Thursday so if I get the job I'll probably end up getting a video camera, which should make things easier.  It's a lot more difficult to carry a laptop into woods and actually explore, plus I'd like to have my hands free in case I run into trouble.

New news

I've been applying to different retail places, trying to find either a full time job or at least a secondary part time job, and I'm hoping that my most recent interview at Best Buy will lead to a job.  This store sells electronics and appliances and it's a really fun place to shop so I'm hoping that it would be a fun place to work.  I'm still only getting two shifts a week at Barnes & Noble, and the reason that's floating around is that our store manager is cutting back hours so that next month, when Black Friday rolls around and stuff, she can add more hours to everyone.  I just don't know if that's true, especially considering that the guy who she holds up as Mr. can talk anyone into signing up for a member card has five shifts next week(can someone say playing favorites?), which is why I'm really hoping that Best Buy hires me.  In fact, from what the gentleman I talked with today said, it sounds like they would give me quite a few hours for being part-time, so I'm actually considering quitting B&N if I get hired at Best Buy.  We'll see what happens.

In other news, I did something the other day that some people would probably say was really stupid, but I just couldn't help myself!  I live in a cul de sac and there is this little patch of woods right behind some of my neighbors' houses, I ended up going into the woods.  I'm not sure what I expected to find, I didn't bring my camera or anything, and nothing happened.  However, what I might end up doing is taking my camera in there and taking some pictures, from everything I've researched it seems like Slenderman is either attracted to cameras, whether video or regular, or some even say that he's trapped in this dimension once he's gotten on film.  The second theory may explain why he wipes people's memories, in order to make them forget that they filmed him, but then why wouldn't he get rid of the film itself?  Maybe he can't, maybe he can only influence people to do his bidding?  I'm not sure but I can't just let this go, I've got so much that I want to do and write about, I can't risk being mind wiped and forgetting about it!  There has to be a way to send him back to wherever he comes from, and I'm going to figure it out!


Well, I forgot about this blog, literally!  Guess who I believe is responsible, grrr!  It's going to have to stop soon, although I do find it interesting that he only removes certain memories, like of this blog, and not of the problems I've been having at work lately.  That's what I find interesting, because in several vlogs people have mentioned losing chunks of time, even to the point of forgetting that they have a job, and yet that hasn't happened to me, which makes me wonder if he wants me at the job where I'm currently at.  The problem with that is, the store manager at Barnes & Noble ties how many hours you get to how many people you get to sign up for member cards, to the point where nothing else matters!  It doesn't matter if you're on time, help with projects, friendly with the customers, the member cards are everything!  I got tired of it, especially since I've only been getting either short 5-6 hours shifts or only working 2-3 shifts a week, I have bills that need to be paid and I'd also like to be able to go shopping for clothes when I need them, so I've been applying at other stores.  In fact, Target called me last night and I have an interview with the manager of their deli section on Thursday!

This store is only five minutes away, within walking distance, and I think it would be awesome to learn how to prepare food and stuff, I'm really hoping that I get the job, plus I believe it's full time and it pays around $9.75 an hour.  :)  Much better than the $7.50 I get now, I tell you what!  I've been praying for protection from you know who, and I've even set up some charms and dreamcatchers in my room, hopefully that should keep him from wiping my memory again.  I still feel drawn into the wooded areas but I've managed to stay away so far, wish me luck!

Sep. 13th, 2012

These past two weeks have not been fun, I've had to deal with so much stress!  Not just dealing with you know who, but drama on the one site that I love to be on as I write with a bunch of other people who love to write as well, plus this week I've been fighting some kind of nasty bug.  It doesn't help that we've had to babysit my niece every single day this week except for today and tomorrow, it's really hard to rest up when you've got a three year old hasseling you to play and run around!  I'm finally feeling better, thankfully, and I do have tomorrow off, which is good for more than one reason.

I've been having really weird dreams, mostly involving Slenderman and being in wooded areas, so I've been trying to avoid those places around here.  Thankfully there aren't any real forests nearby, mainly little wooded clusters, but it's gotten to the point where everytime I drive or walk past one of them I have to scan the area for something unusual, plus I've been getting the strongest urge to go into the trees, it's like someone's calling me, pulling me in like a siren song!  I don't know how much longer I can hold out, but that's not the worst part.  There have been times where I've felt like something or someone has been in my room at night after I bundle up in my bed, I burrow under the covers so I haven't been disturbed but I could almost swear I can feel someone hovering over me, so I set up my laptop last night, which has a camera in it, to take pictures of anything that moved in my room.  Well, it found  !  He was in my room, who knows how many times!  Something's got to stop, I can't go on like this, I have to figure out how to get rid of him!  I'll keep everyone here informed, but I have a feeling it's going to involve a trip to the woods or wherever I'm being lured to, but I am going prepared with as many possible ways of stopping him as possible.  Just have to research once more..